Oppidum Nutritional & Toning Soap Vive Verveine (100 g)


Nutritional & Toning Soap Vive Verveine

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A true concentrate of good feelings, Vive Verveine soap combines the naturally green and lemony notes of exotic verbena with the soothing benefits of green clay. Its toning and softness are guaranteed, as this beautiful plant base is very nourishing. Sweet almond, rice bran and shea will soften the most delicate skin.


Made in France.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


This soap is gentle enough to cleanse the entire body including face and hair.

Ingredients + Benefits

Key Ingredients:

OPPIDUM's Almond & Rice range offers you one of the most restorative and protective soaps in our collections thanks to the optimum natural synergy. Here, the Sweet Almond * Sets the tone with its multiple cosmetic properties. Softener, emollient, it guarantees a high level of hydration sought by the most difficult, dry or fragile skins. A nourishing power, increased by the Oil of Rice Bran *, known for its decongestant and antioxidant properties as well as for its action on the Blood micro-circulation of the scalp. Nourishing and fortifying, the latter therefore associates perfectly, in cold saponification, with the Shea Butter * it is indicated for the hydration of the skin and the shine of the hair. The durability of the soap, its cleansing power and the creaminess of its foam depend on both the Oil of Coconut * that of the whole combination of these four remarkable oils. Recommended for the most demanding skins and frequent shampoos.

Full Ingredients:

Coconut oil *, sweet almond oil *, water, shea butter *, Vegetable glycerin (from saponification), Rice bran oil *, green clay, exotic verbena essential oil *, Sodium cocoate *, sodium Sweet Almondate *, Aqua, sodium Shea Butterate *, Glycerin, sodium Rice Branate *, Litsea cubeba Fruit oil *, Montmorillonite, Limonen * *, citral * *
* Ingredient from organic farming
** naturally present in essential oils

Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

Oppidum artisan made skin care was founded by two Frenchmen located in the Southwest of France in 2017. One is a researcher, passionate about archives and old books and history. The other is an engineer with his head focused on projects and his feet on the ground. Christophe Fargier and Jean-Christophe Gaven are impassioned and determined to design cosmetic creations entirely dedicated to the respect and well-being of the skin using natural raw materials. They devoted more than 5 years to researching, testing and developing formulas using precious ingredients.

As the faithful and unforgiving witness of our lives and emotions, our skin is responsible for an extraordinary combination of opposing functions. In return, it demands respect in the form of protection. Acting as a barrier and a passageway, a screen and a vessel, it is at once superficial and deep, external and internal. Both exposed to the world and intimate. Able to receive, absorb, capture, reject or drive back, it is an unconcealed expression of who we are, a reflection of our entangled body and soul. There is no cheating with skin, with our skin. OPPIDUM's sole raison d’être is to preserve, support, and fortify it.

OPPIDUM makes 100% natural cosmetics, organic certified, cruelty-free and vegan approved by PETA.
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