Full Regalia Eau de Parfum

Full Regalia Eau de Parfum

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There’s nothing quite like knowing, without a doubt, who you are and what you’re here to do. That’s the essence of Full Regalia.

Sweet Vanilla, Egyptian Jasmine, Moroccan Red Rose, Musk, Blackberry, Patchouli.

Creator's Story:
Full Regalia was my grandfather's racehorse. He was a great racehorse, my grandfather was told, and that’s why he cost so much money. (A great racehorse is worth it.) He came home with my grandfather, and over the following year went on to lose every race he was entered in. Well, every race but one. For some strange reason, Grandpa entered the horse into the Longacres Mile in 1963, to be ridden by a jockey with a bad track record.

Not surprisingly, Full Regalia was a long shot. His odds were 11:1. True to his style, he remained 12 lengths behind the other horses for most of the race. But with half a mile to go, he seemed to suddenly remember who he was. And he pushed forward, leaping and rushing past all the other horses, until he’d won the race.

There’s nothing quite like knowing, without a doubt, who you are and what you’re here to do.

That’s the essence of this Full Regalia. What you’ll notice first is pure, sweet vanilla. Simple, lovely. But don’t be fooled. Waiting just beneath the surface are Egyptian Jasmine, Moroccan Red Rose, Musk, Blackberry, and a hint of Patchouli. Complex and delicious: a winning combination.
Denatured alcohol, essential oils and fragrance

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.
"For the last 20+ years I have been helping women look, feel and smell beautiful.

"I make perfume because I love it.

"I love the way it makes me feel when I put it on...Sexy, Free, Alive, Sassy, Alluring, Comforted, Happy.

"And if one drop of perfume puts a smile on your face...causes you to hold your head a little higher...puts a slight twinkle in your eye...inspires you to put a little swing in your hips when you walk...Then I have done my job."

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