White Sage Leaves Eau de Cologne
White Sage Leaves Eau de Cologne

White Sage Leaves Eau de Cologne

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herbal, smoky and elegant

Combines the extract of fresh white sage leaves with notes of guiacawood, jasmine and crisp citrus

•Etched glass bottle
•Bottle made in France
•Custom handmade, reclaimed wood over cap
•Spray atomizer
•Bottle height: 3.75″
•Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight
•Spray Eau de Cologne directly on skin –– not on clothes. This is a natural plant material and may stain.

Each of Ojai Wild's Eau de Cologne fragrances has a corresponding ‘Godseye’ image, These images represent the unique language of each individual fragrance as gradients radiating from the center to the outlying edge. This visual language parallels the olfactory notes, accords and harmonies of each scent.
organic alcohol denat (sda 38-b), aqua (water), botanical extractum (botanical extract), essentialis olea (essential oils)

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging
Ojai Wild is a collection of natural fragrances made from native California botanicals, resins, woods and roots, by artisan perfumer Janna Sheehan.

Ojai Wild is the fresh, pure extract of botanicals, resins and woods sourced by hand in California and extracted through a 17th–Century tincture process. Whether ethically-harvested or grown on our farm in the Ojai Valley, the plants are crushed, pressed and soaked, releasing the unadulterated and undiluted bloom.