Octaevo Passport Philosophy Notes
Octaevo Passport Philosophy Notes
Octaevo Passport Philosophy Notes
Octaevo Passport Philosophy Notes
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Passport Philosophy Notes #3 - Epicurus

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"There are thoughts that travel with us over time, ideas that speak to us through their symbols. From the minds and pens of clever philosophers and writers, gifted artists or artisans, striking Mediterranean wisdom remains enchanting today."

Passport-sized notebook covered in textured linen and screen printed with a single poetic thought by some of the greatest philosophers. Find out more about Epicurus' life on the inside cover. Durable and agile, it's the perfect notebook for bold thinkers and original minds.

Measures approx.: 3 1/2" Wide x 5 1/4" High

- Pages: 52
- Print: Plain
- Extras: Ruler
- Cover material: Screenprinted orange linen
- Interior: Matte uncoated white paper (90 g/m2)
Fascinated by the Mediterranean’s vivid colors, ancient philosophy and mysterious myths, Founder Marcel Baer's products are designed to take you on an inspiring voyage. Let the journey begin.

Octaevo's intent is to create hand crafted products to be enjoyed for a lifetime by virtue of their aesthetic, carefully selected materials and functional qualities. The company works exclusively with suppliers who share the utmost commitment to people and our environment, actively pursuing sustainable practices and responsible sourcing - for a brighter future for all.