Nomads and Settlers Rose Quartz Heart Stone (1 pc)
showing hand holding multiple stones (each sold separately)
Nomads and Settlers Rose Quartz Heart Stone lifestyle shot with rose heart beside green plant material

Nomads and Settlers

Rose Quartz Heart Stone

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High Quality Chubby Rose Quartz Heart

Sweet to hold and puffy and full of LOVE! Ruled by the heart chakra, Rose Quartz carries the power to emotionally heal, release stress and negativity and open the flow of LOVE!

Measures approx 1 1/8" wide x 1 1/8" high x 1/2" thick


Comes in a muslin bag with draw strings.

Brand Info

Aligned in a Higher Vision to help the community grow with Health, Comfort and Awareness, Nomads and Settlers was developed by Antonia Miano, who has a degree in Natural Medicine and is an Herbalist, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist and Nutrition Consultant. She is also a a long time meditation practitioner.

Nomads and Settlers products are Vegan, No Animal Testing & Sustainably Harvested. Palo Santo & Sage & Flowers are certified ethical sustainable and ORGANIC grown on farms, not from their natural habitat, Let's keep these plants safe form endangerment. The company follows FDA Guidelines in preparation of all products. They strive to support wellness, comfort and spiritual growth by providing tools for everyone.
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