Noel 2015 Candle
Noel 2015 Candle
Noel 2015 Candle


Noel 2015 Candle

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An aromatic blend of rich woods and fresh notes.

Trees are at the base of the new Christmas candle fragrance by LIGNE ST BARTH. Various woods scents form the cornerstones of the compositional base and heart notes. These include the heavy wood of the guaiac tree, Tonka beans, which taste and smell like vanilla, grow on the tonka tree and Patchouli, which has a grounding effect, completes the base note.

The heart note is suffused with the warm tones of sandalwood, cedar and cinnamon. For centuries, the scent of tropical sandalwood has been used for its calming effect on the human nervous system. Cedar, traditionally considered to have a more masculine scent, harmonizes and strengthens. The olfactory essence of the evergreen cinnamon tree not only reminds us of Christmas, it also stimulates and activates.

The six earthy tones stand in contrast to the fresh fragrances of the head note: apple and lavender complete the scent, producing a fresh composition that blends the olfactory fragrances of the Caribbean with those of Europe.
Soy wax, stearin, beeswax, and cotton wick. No paraffin.
For thirty years, LIGNE ST BARTH has been creating products that unite outstanding results with unbeatable quality. This family business epitomizes the pure spirit of St Barth and finds its inspiration in Mother Nature. The secret of LIGNE ST BARTH formulas lies in the use of natural ingredients with Caribbean floral overtones to create sensual harmony and excellence.

All LIGNE ST BARTH products are lovingly created on the island – creating not only a unique Saint Barthélemy product for export, but also offering a guarantee of exceptional quality.