Musgo Real Shaving Soap Classic Scent (4.4 oz)
Musgo Real Shaving Soap Classic Scent (4.4 oz) box only

Musgo Real

Shaving Soap Classic Scent

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Musgo Real’s shaving soap has a 100% vegetable base and it’s enriched with ingredients such as glycerin and coconut oil extracts to create a smooth and creamy foam for shaving.


Contains no animal products.


Use: Soak a shaving brush and remove excess water. Lather up the soap using circular motions. Apply the foam on wet skin.

Brand Info

Created in 1920, the Musgo Real collection is more modern than ever before. Combining a 100 year old handmade production with the demands of modern times, this line has a set of several products that suit men's skincare.

Masculine, elegant and distinctive, Musgo Real is a synonym of high quality products, with a contemporary package design that displays the authentic and original labels of Claus Porto. Incredibly moisturizing, Musgo Real products are enriched with lanolin, glycerin, karite butter and coconut oil - ingredients that make these products perfect to fight external aggressions on the skin.

These products are very creamy and soft, and have a masculine and revitalizing fragrance - an aromatic blend that harmonizes the herbal essences of vetiver and eucalyptus with the strength of patchouli.
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