Mood Indigo
Mood Indigo
Mood Indigo

Mood Indigo

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Smoky black tea with orange, vanilla and amaro notes.

Tastes Like: blood orange, amaro liqueur, tarragon, blackberry, candle smoke.
Feels Like: the Jazz Age.
An ordinary door leads downstairs to a shoebox nightclub.

Your eyes adjust to the darkness of a room dotted with candles and a spotlight.
From the first sip, this tea is smoky and spiritous.
At the heart of the tea, you taste burnt orange, aromatic herbs, vanilla and allspice.
The tea finishes with blackberry and the pleasant bittersweetness of Italian amaro and rye whiskey.

Milk mellows the tea’s smokiness and plays up its sweet orange notes.
Slow insistent strains of music are muted by cascades of laughter and conversation.
smoked chinese black tea, turkish orange peel, orange pieces, licorice root, dandelion root, blackberry leaves, forest strawberry leaves, madagascar vanilla pieces, cardamom seed, flavoring.

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August uncommon Tea is pioneering tea as a modern American culinary experience. Their former careers as a designer and a French professor gave them incredible opportunities to see the world. In their travels, they discovered that tea could be flavorful, elegant and exciting. It became obvious how much American tea was missing. They were inspired to make tea modern, beautiful and pleasurable for Americans. And so they created August Uncommon Tea.

They're bringing tea into the 21st century, one cup at a time with astonishing culinary blends, small seasonal batches, and a modern brewing system. Once you taste August, you’ll expect more from tea.