Monsieur Barbier Styling Comb - Sandalwood Comb (1 pc)
Monsieur Barbier Styling Comb - Sandalwood Comb with packaging

Monsieur Barbier

Styling Comb - Sandalwood Comb

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Ideal for untangling long beards and frizzy hair, this comb with long, spaced teeth allows you to properly straighten your mane of hair without altering it. Give your hairstyle shape in a few strokes, and correct small flaws, even after applying your wax or balm. Yep, it's up to you!

**Due to the intimate nature of this personal care item, returns on opened or used items will not be accepted**


- Made from 100% natural sandalwood
- Made in France.


Before styling, detangle your hair with a brush or tight-toothed comb. If you have a thick or frizzy mane, it's best to do this while the mane is still wet. Once dry, style your hair with your favorite balm or wax, and use the FINAL TOUCH styling comb to guide your hair mass to the right path. An expert tool for style!

Brand Info

Monsieur BARBIER : The new French brand of natural skincare for men!

These natural, cruelty-free and Made in France products will make you become a pro at shaving, beard and hair styling, and of course, a skincare expert. With Monsieur BARBIER, taking care of your skin and hair has never seemed so easy. Reveal your hidden barber talents.

Monsieur BARBIER products fit the routine for each man's grooming concern. You'll be pleased to find Vegan formulations with an average of 98% ingredients of Natural Origin.
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