Mira Fair Trade Sari Fringe Bell #7
Mira Fair Trade Sari Fringe Bell #7 shown hanging from bush


Mira Fair Trade

Sari Fringe Bell #7

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These beautiful copper coated bells are handcrafted by the Hussein family in northern India. Made from upcycled metal. Coated and heated in copper shavings to obtain the unique exterior look. Tuned by hand to perfection. Hangs on colorful, upcycled sari ribbon with fringe pieces.

Size: 2 1/2" Diameter x 4" high + tassel cord = approx 18" long.

Ingredients + Benefits

100% Recycled Copper

Brand Info

Growing up in India, Meera always enjoyed shopping at places where she could buy directly from the producer - a personal interaction that she missed in the big shopping malls of the U.S. The artisans she met shared stories of their lives, and their skills fascinated her. Unfortunately, without the education or resources to help them, the artisans had no control over their products or wages and they were often paid only $1 a day for their work. Meera quickly realized that her purchasing power made a big difference in the artisans’ lives.

Meera also became involved with groups that work on community projects, such as building schools, digging wells, and working on irrigation and water projects. Thanks to these efforts, some dying arts and crafts were preserved. Meera works directly at the grass roots levels to design beautiful, ethnic products suitable for the western world.
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