Mina Nana Organic Moroccan Nana Mint Tea (15 Tea Bags) box
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Nana Organic Moroccan Nana Mint Tea

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Organic Nana Mint is grown in Morocco and carefully prepared to preserve its delicate flavor and health-giving properties. Naturally caffeine-free, Nana mint herbal tea is delightful at any time of the day, though it's most beneficial in the morning and after meals. Whenever you drink it, Nana mint is always best when served with family and friends.


In Morocco, tea is more than just a drink. It is woven deeply into the national culture. The native Nana mint has traditionally been used in North Africa for centuries to aid digestion, help rid the body of toxins, and to calm the body and mind.

Drinking tea is also an important Moroccan social event, bringing family and friends together to enjoy the refreshing taste of Nana mint. The soothing aroma and flavor of this herbal tea will give you an authentic taste of Morocco.

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For best flavor, bring filtered water to a boil.
Steep 3 minutes.

Ingredients + Benefits

Organic Nana Mint Leaves from Marrakech

Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

Tradition runs deep in this family kitchen, and mother Mina’s recipes are at the heart of it all. Warm, inviting aromas would fill the air as her pot simmered with rich blends of fresh ingredients, herbs and spices. Now, the company has transported this flavorful legacy from Mina’s kitchen in Morocco to your modern table with authentic Moroccan specialties that will transport your meal into culinary journeys.
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