Men's Society Sneaker Odor Remover (100 ml)

Men's Society

Sneaker Odor Remover

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There might be more than meets the eye. Sure, your shoes are looking slick but your nose isn’t too sure. Don’t undermine your look, it's time to get fully fresh. 


Spray a couple of squirts inside your sneakers.
Let them air dry a little before wearing.
Don't over soak.

Brand Info

Established in 2012, Men’s Society is an award winning family run British product design house.

Their aim is to redefine the idea of men's gifts. To create products that are culturally relevant with a deep sense of British quality, craftsmanship and wit. From trend-setting natural cosmetics, homewares and gifts.

From the studio in Norfolk, they design and make every one of their cosmetics and kits by hand. Producing each of the natural grooming products in small batches, to keep the ingredients as fresh and potent as possible.

Men's Society creates unique whimsical men’s gifts designed to delight the recipient with its style and contents.
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