Manufacture de Digoin Thyme Scented Stoneware Candle (4.4 oz)

Manufacture de Digoin

Thyme Scented Stoneware Candle

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This lovely thyme-scented candle will give your home the soft herbal perfume of a French garden. Each stoneware pot is shaped and enameled by hand, so each one is unique.


Burn time approximately 25 hours.

Tumbler can be re-used when candle is finished.

Made in France. Stoneware made from Burgundy clay.

Ingredients + Benefits

Vegetable wax based (rapeseed) candle.

Natural rapeseed vegetable wax is non-toxic, biodegradable and burns evenly.

Brand Info

The factory des Grès et Poteries de Digoin was at the beginning a hand-crafted and familial business founded in 1875, along the central canal in Burgundy. Around 1900, the area of Digoin and Paray-le-Monial, known as the ‘Ceramic Valley’ – was home to about forty factories, each one had specific skills (making roof tiles, bricks, decorative tiles, etc.).

Since 1875, craftspeople from Manufacture de Digoin have been shaping garden pottery made of stoneware. Their ambition is to perpetuate a legendary know-how.

Sleeping beauty for many years, the Manufacture came back to life in 2014, when Corinne Jourdain gathered investors to save the company. Her ambition was to perpetuate a historical expertise and to bring back to their former glory those meaningful culinary objects.
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