Maison Pechavy Lausa Scented Candle (180 g)
Maison Pechavy Lausa Scented Candle showing with lid off sitting on wood
Maison Pechavy Lausa Scented Candle showing lit candle


Maison Pechavy

Lausa Scented Candle

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The fragrance is reminiscent of the reassuring, enticing warmth of a wood fire. Soothing notes of lavender blend with the heady aromas of patchouli.

These scents are favorites of Carine, the founder of the brand, who created this fragrance as the olfactory signature of Maison Pechavy. The fragrance was developed by a perfumer in Provence based on the popular notes of lavender and patchouli.


The Laüsa scented candle was made in the city of Grasse, the epicentre of fragrance creation. The name comes from the Gascon dialect in Southwest France, the homeland of Maison Pechavy. “Laüsa” means “sparkling” like the glow of this natural wax candle.

The 100% vegetable wax in this scented candle and 100% cotton wick create a slow, subtle diffusion of the scent. Combine with Original long matches to create a harmonious set and light the 3 wicks of this scented candle in complete safety.

Burning time: 40-45 hours.

Made in France


- The first time you use it, leave the candle lit for 1 hour maximum, then trim the wick to 0.5 cm from the base.
- After every use (4 hours burn time maximum), be sure to trim the wick to 0.5 cm (or before every use) to prevent the emission of soot (watch out for a blackened, ashy or crackling wick).

Ingredients + Benefits

100% vegetable wax. no mineral wax, paraffin wax or palm oil.

Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

MAISON PECHAVY, a French brand, offers chic, useful and eco-responsible products dedicated to your fireplace and wood stove areas. Harmonized to each atmosphere and each sensibility, these products bring style, refinement and color to your fireplace corners. Fire starters, matchboxes, perfumes, fine candles and plaids bring the MAISON PECHAVY universe into your home to help you enjoy sweet moments by the fireside.
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