Maison Bouche

Fleur de Sel Paris Map Dark Chocolate Bar

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One of Maison Bouche's most popular flavors.

This bar is accented with crunchy sea salt from Brittany to achieve the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

The label is taken from an antique map of Paris.

Brand Info

Diane Beaty, proprietor, has made a culinary pilgrimage to France, Italy, Austria, Germany, England and Ireland to expand her confectionery repertoire. Her love for ethereal and exotic edibles is reflected in her collection of historical books, ephemerae and paraphernalia celebrating the highest achievements in baking and chocolate-making.

She received formal training as a pastry chef at San Francisco’s Tante Marie Cooking School. She has worked in San Francisco (Postrio) and New Orleans (Herbsaint) restaurant kitchens perfecting her technique and refining the palates of those exposed to her exotic dessert combinations.
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