Palo Santo Parfum Solide

Palo Santo Parfum Solide

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An exotic sacred wood with hints of lemon and mint.

A fully developed solid fragrance based around the essence of palo santo wood. Contains a mix of essential oils, floral waxes, and plant extracts carefully selected to bring out the best in the featured note. Unisex.


Notes: sacred palo santo, guaiacwood, cedarwood, birch oil, white champa leaf and flowers.

Aspects: woody, balsamic, and clean, with slightly herbaceous and citrusy floral top notes.
The Ritual: rub onto pulse points and as the body warms it will release the scent.

organic jojoba oil, carnauba wax, an essential oil blend.

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.
[lou - nay - uh] - (n) the moon's day; day of the moon.

Lvnea explores the spaces between the natural world and that of the ethereal. With a focus on pure plant essences and unexpected aromatic combinations, raw materials from rare natural extractions are sourced from around the world to evoke distant memories and awaken unwritten desires.

Each scent begins as a distinct story, transforming the conceptual into high olfactory art. Traditional French parfumerie techniques are juxtaposed with luxuriantly minimal design, creating scents that are at once reminiscent of another world, yet deeply familiar

Natural, Botanical, Unisex. Hand-crafted.