Lovewild Design DIY Green Cleaner Spray Bottle (Empty)
Lovewild Design DIY Green Cleaner Spray Bottle (Empty) Back of bottle with more recipe notes

Lovewild Design

DIY Green Cleaner Spray Bottle (Empty)

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A super sweet addition to any home. 

This special spray bottle is screen printed with three recipes for all types of sustainable cleaning!

All-Purpose cleaning
Glass + Mirrors
Marble + Granite


Already measured for you! Each bottle Is marked with the amount of each Ingredient to make your own cleaner as easy as possible.


Choose the use for the formula you wish to make.
Fill each specified ingredient to the line on the bottle starting from the lowest ingredient.
Shake Well and enjoy!
Directions for special uses are provided on the back of the bottle.

Ingredients + Benefits

Glass bottle and plastic handle sprayer.

Brand Info

Lovewild Design makes handcrafted, sustainable gifts from the family and women-run studio in Brooklyn, NY. Their signature paper products are embedded with seeds that grow when planted.

Just like those tiny seedlings, Lovewild has grown as the family grows. They started with their own wedding invitations, expanded to home and bath goods, and added pregnancy-specific goods when the family grew by a little one.

The family's days in the studio are spent crafting handmade lovelies.
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