Love Is Project Atitlan Love Bracelet – Green & White (1 pc)
Love Is Project Atitlan Love Bracelet – Green & White shown from back to see tassle detail

Love Is Project

Atitlan Love Bracelet – Green & White

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Atitlan LOVE bracelets hail from the colorful villages surrounding beautiful Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Access to opportunities and support along the way has allowed the artisans to invest (on average) 90% of their wages back into their families: these women are more likely to send their daughters to school, to have improved health, and to become catalysts for positive change within their communities.


- Adjustable diameter length: 6 - 7.75 inches.
- Perfect for petite wrists!
- Made in Guatemala

Brand Info

As seen on Shark Tank and 2021 Forbes List - Next 1000

In 2012 Chrissie Lam, Founder of The Love Is Project, was inspired by the incredible beadwork of the Masai tribe. Together they created the original red LOVE bracelet. Soon after, Lam took the first bracelet around the world to 50 countries and asked strangers what love meant to them. She captured hundreds of amazing Love stories.

Today Love Is Project works with over 2000 female artisans in ten countries. Each handmade bracelet is inspired by the culture and the craftsmanship of each place. Their wages support their families, pay for school fees and allow them to invest in additional income generating projects. Love is Empowerment.
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