Mini Collection of Serums

Mini Collection of Serums

SKU: 24101

Experience all of the luscious skin serums in one.

Contains: Joy Juice, Inner Peace, Infinite Love, Quiet Mind, Inspired Action, and Pure Energy.
Joy Juice: Joy, laughter, euphoria, contentment, enjoying life more.
Inner Peace: Inner peace, calm, confidence, comfort, and contentment.
Infinite Love: Love potion-like. Fall in love with yourself, attract love and affection, magnetism, charisma.
Quiet Mind: Clarity, focus, & quiet mind during the day. Relaxation & deep sleep at night.
Inspired Action: Creativity, innovation, decisiveness, motivation, drive, follow through.
Pure Energy: Vitality, radiance, a more powerful presence, strength, immune system boost.
Apply to face and pulse points; massage your ears and the back of your neck. In the bath or after a hot shower, before bed, give or receive massage.
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