Refresh Face Mist

Refresh Face Mist

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AROMA: Aloe and Yarrow: clean, cool, slightly herbal.



- Aloe Vera Juice: hydrates and rejuventates the skin with 18 amino acids that quickly penetrate the skin to diminish the signs of aging and resolve skin abrasions, wounds, rashes acne and psoriasis.

- Zinc, Copper and Selenium: stimulate, oxygenate & protect cell health, while inhibiting free radical damage and glycation.

- Copper: suppresses bacterial infections and inflammation while repairing DNA damage.

- Organic Sulfur (MSM): softens the skin and improves permeability to clear the pores and allow products to absorb more readily. Additionally MSM is known to prevent acne by controlling the rate of keratin production and improving the strength and elasticity of the skin.

- Yarrow: tones skin, minimizes pores and minimizes excessive oil production.

- Hyaluronic Acid: improves elasticity and hydration while minimizing the appearance of wrinkles.
Mist face, neck and body with REFRESH to hydrate skin and to enhance the absorption of other products.

Contains ingredients known to reduce inflammation, minimize pores, promote elasticity and protect against cellular damage.

Apply as needed. May be used prior to the application of RENEW face serum, post workout or to set make up.
Aloe barbadensis (ALOE) raw juice*, mineral elixir [reverse osmosis water, ionic ZINC, christalline nano collodial COPPER, double ionic SELENIUM, organic SULPHUR, sorbic acid], Achillea millefolium (YARROW) extract*, Glycerin (VEGETABLE source)*, sodium HYALURONIC acid (from GLUCOSE), leuconostoc ferment filtrate (RADISH root)***
** Wild-harvested

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.
LINNE products are made from all-natural botanical compounds formulated to optimize the health and appearance of your skin. The ingredients are sourced globally and selected for their superlative quality and known ability to penetrate deep below the surface layers the skin to purify, hydrate, nourish and protect.

To insure their freshness and efficacy, all products include use by dates and are made in small batches from a diverse collection of native, wild-harvested and organic plant-based ingredients and minerals. LINNE formulas are free of harsh synthetics, petrochemicals, biological and environmental toxins, carcinogens and fillers. Nothing is ever added to dilute or alter the color, texture, or scent of the ingredients. Beyond being safe, the ingredients used have the potential to help:

• Protect DNA from free radical damage
• Enhance the immune and circulatory systems
• Rejuvenate tissue through cellular oxygenation
• Improve mood by way of aromatherapy