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Nano-Silver Toothbrush

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The Nano-Silver Toothbrush is an integral part of the LINHART product-line, featuring a unique combination of antibacterial, ultra-soft, multi-length bristles.


Antibacterial Nano-Silver infused bristles kill 99% of harmful bacteria, preventing the microbial proliferation that plagues ordinary toothbrushes.

Ultra-Soft Dual Length Bristles target three essential areas of the mouth to maintain health. The short, tactile bristles clean between teeth, while the long, fine bristles remove plaque in hard to reach places such as deep under the gum line, preventing gingivitis.

Perfect for painful, inflamed, or bleeding gums. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Ingredients + Benefits

Nano-Silver infused bristles with a plastic handle.

Brand Info

Drs. Jan and Zachary Linhart are always on a path of discovery and innovation. For the benefit of their patient’s health and beauty, LINHART introduces the most current and comprehensive approach to preventative and restorative oral care.

A line of oral care products based on 10 years of development within their patient pool, 40 years of dental experience, and almost 100 years of Linhart expertise!

“We pride ourselves on having consistent, long-term patients who travel to us from around the world. We work hard to create an environment in our office where patients feel comfortable and confident that they are receiving the best possible dental care, and we practiced this same approach in creating our products. We feel strongly that we have maintained the highest level of care in every way, and we hope you agree! "
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