Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant Vanilla + Air for Creativity (2 oz)



The Healthy Deodorant Vanilla + Air for Creativity

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This new, unique deodorant collection uses carefully curated blends of pure essential oils to awaken our connection to the elements and immense power, peace + truth within.

Awaken the mind and unleash your creative energy with these essential oils: violet, rose and vanilla.


The four ELEMENTS– AIR, WATER, EARTH AND FIRE – are essential to this planet and our being. Everything which exists is composed of one or more of these ELEMENTS. It is the energy behind these ELEMENTS such as wind, clouds, dirt and flame that gives life to these objects.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Ingredients + Benefits

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

A pioneer in naturals, the new generation of 100% Healthy products is smart, modern and luxurious. Made from the purest, natural and organic ingredients and completely free of harsh chemicals, Lavanila are committed to breakthrough products that deliver beautiful, long-lasting results.

Lavanila is different.
Each of the ingredients is fresh, pure and proven to do what it's supposed to do. Lavanila replaces harsh chemicals with natural technology and pack their products with the high-powered antioxidants, vitamins and natural oils your skin craves to be at its best. Our multitasking products go through extensive clinical testing to ensure that they are safe, non-toxic and non-irritating, even for the most sensitive skin types. All free of harsh chemicals that can dry, damage and irritate the skin and senses.

What they leave out:
Because you shouldn't have to worry about your beauty routine, they never use the following ingredients in their formulas: NO: Parabens, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oils, Silicone, Synthetic Dyes, Synthetic Fragrances, Chemical Sunscreens, Sulfates or Aluminum.
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