Kyupodo Notebook - Kusousaishucho (Brown) (1 pc) front cover
Kyupodo Notebook - Kusousaishucho (Brown) inside front cover
Kyupodo Notebook - Kusousaishucho (Brown) Page detail close-up
Kyupodo Notebook - Kusousaishucho (Brown) inside back cover


Notebook - Kusousaishucho (Brown)

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This notebook is named "Imagination Collection Notebook."  The concept of this notebook is about fantasy and dream collecting, for collectors to record all the fantasies they had and jot down all their thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

The notebook contains 64 pages (32 sheets) and each piece is hand bound & saddle stitched. 


Pages in the notebook with line at 7 mm/ 1/4 in. on a very good quality paper that won't bleed and feather while using a fountain pen.

Dimensions(L W H): 14.8 cm x 20.4 cm x 2 cm / 5.83" x 8" x 1/18"

Ingredients + Benefits

High quality paper and cardstock cover.

Brand Info

"Kyoho" derived from nine points of the size of letterpress printing.
Author cum designer - Kasura Sakai created various of creative work with 9 point letterpress lead type of an antique letterpress printer left by his grandfather (Sohei Sakai) and also printing tools by inheritance.

(* 9 point is the best type size for the everyday book or newspaper.)
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