Kriya Veda White Jade Heart Crystal
Kriya Veda White Jade Heart Crystal displayed with description card
Kriya Veda White Jade Heart Crystal white velvet pouch

Kriya Veda

White Jade Heart Crystal

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A small calming and healing stone that attracts luck and prosperity. Also, promotes balance and harmony within. The perfect asset to have in your environment, as this stone’s powerful healing vibration will resonate throughout your whole body.


- Color: glossy white
- Size: 0.8” inches
- Heart shaped luck and prosperity stone
- Gift or decoration
- Includes description card with white velvet pouch and gift box


- Carry in pocket or purse to attract calming energy
- Use during meditation or yoga session for healing
- Place next to bed to attract luck and prosperity
- Display in bathroom for peace and comfort

Brand Info

Kriya Veda is a premium yoga inspired brand that represents clean living, luxurious design, and exceptional quality. Their passion is providing transformational lifestyle products that focus on the inner and outer well-being of customers. Kriya Veda's mission is to connect, inspire, and motivate every day with these eco-chic products, because they want you to feel confident about taking a greener path to wellness.
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