Koustrup & Co. Poppy Umbrella
Koustrup & Co. Poppy Umbrella - Product shown next to cover
Koustrup & Co. Poppy Umbrella - Product shown by itself
Koustrup & Co. Poppy Umbrella - Model shown carrying product

Koustrup & Co.

Poppy Umbrella

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Enjoy the atmosphere of summer with this foldable umbrella decorated with illustrations of adorable red poppies. 

The umbrella has a solid and ergonomic wooden handle. Automatic opening with just one click above the handle. Shaft and rods are made of strong fiberglass material that makes the umbrella resistant to wind.

Folded length approx: 20"
Extended diameter approx: 45"

Brand Info

Koustrup & Co. is ia family company that started in 2014. Their passion is nature and good quality products. They design quality products enviromentally friendly manufactured in Europe. Organic cotton, linen, recycled papaer, FSC paper, wood.
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