Khu Khu Desert Sparkler Fan ( pc)

Khu Khu

Desert Sparkler Fan

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Take a trip to a glinting, twinkling desert with this hand-finished fan with Swarovski crystals and custom-made leather cactus. Perfect with everything, but double points if used to cool yourself on a rock in the Mojave, with flowers in your hair and a Margarita in your hand.


- Measures: 9 1/4 inches in Length
- Made in Spain
- Original British Design.
- Pink Painted aea wooden sticks.
- Embossed silver logo.
- Hand-finished with Swarovski crystals.
- Loop and custom-made green leather cactus.
- Comes with bespoke bag and care label.

Ingredients + Benefits

100% hand-made in Spain using locally sourced materials sipo wood and cotton blend fabrics. Spanish Artisan skill with exclusive British design.

Brand Info

Founder Victoria Speyer started Khu Khu to address the definitive gap in the fan-making markets for beautiful hand-fans representative of fashion and art today. Inspired by her years living in Southern Spain, she recognized how innately beautiful, handy and of course useful fans are, and yet there was little available for modern, stylish women.

After experimenting with various design changes and focusing intently on fabulous print, Khu Khu has given hand-fans the rejuvenation they needed. Using the best of both modern and traditional art practices, Khu Khu pride themselves on small runs and detailing so their customers know they own a unique and exclusive product.
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