Karacotta Ceramics Ceramic Incense Dish - Desert (1 pc)
Karacotta Ceramics Ceramic Incense Dish - Desert shown with incense cones

Karacotta Ceramics

Ceramic Incense Dish - Desert

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The ceramic Desert Incense Dish is the perfect piece to add to any home, office, or studio decor! Use this gorgeous pottery to burn Palo Santo Cone Incense, and immediately feel yourself relax, as the incredible aroma fills the air and negative energy dissipates.

Cone incense sold separately.  Measures 2" diameter.


Inspired by the desert, the porcelain clay is finished in a custom blend of four vibrant glazes. This versatile piece can also double as a beautiful jewelry dish, for your favorite earrings or rings.

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Designer Kara Pendl believes a beautiful space cultivates creativity and a richer life experience, and that everyone deserves to live and work in a space they truly adore. Using nature as a palette and design inspiration, the finished products are unique, organic, modern and playful.

As everything is handmade, you can be assured your item is one-of-a-kind!
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