Le Jardin de Sand - Nohant Candle


Jardins d'Ecrivains

Le Jardin de Sand - Nohant Candle

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In honor of:
George Sand: (1804 – 1876)
A woman known for her scandalous love life. Nohant, peaceful haven and a magnet for society life, where Liszt, Balzac, Flaubert, Delacroix and Victor Hugo would all be seen.

Notes: Violet, Rose, Freesia.
Olfactory Families: Floral, Chypre

100% soy wax, non-GMO.



A charming little flower used in the past as a cure for melancholy... Violet is a symbol for secret love. In high fashion during the Second French Empire, its fragrance is evocative of suave, captivating scents.

It was named 1866 by the botanist Ecklon after the German Dr. Freese. Its heady fragrance is similar to that of jasmine.

Rose fragrances are full of secrets. No other flower has been lauded as much for its fragrance, and this since ancient times. It has been cultivated for more than 5000 years. This highly literary flower has been present in every epoch. From the Roman de la Rose in the Middle Ages, to the poems Pierre de Ronsard in the 15th century, to Corneille, Goethe, Perrault, and Hugo; all these writers evoked the flower's poetry

- Hand-crafted in the heart of Paris.
- 100% natural, GMO-free soy wax for a healthy environment.
- High-quality burning, 100% cotton wick.
- Fragrance formulas are produced by their own creator.
- Packaging has been selected to match the timelessness of the theme: English cream jar produced in England since the 19th century. Its lid prevents dust from settling on the candle.

Ingredients + Benefits

100% natural, GMO-free soy wax

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

When creating the world of Jardins D’Écrivains, founder Anaïs Bigiune naturally combined two of her passions, gardens and literature. Inevitably, she eventually expressed her complicity with certain writers through scent. A trail of scent is so evocative, and can be the vehicle for a memory or a poem. Symbolizing an era, a character or a place with a perfume arouses the soul of an investigator in Anaïs as she seeks out every relevant detail so that she, too, can tell a beautiful story.

Jardins D’Écrivain fragrances tell olfactory stories connected to both places and disposition. They evoke humor, attitude, intimacy...
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