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Infinite Love Designs Mini Crystal Protection Pouch in a hand

Infinite Love Designs

Mini Crystal Protection Pouch

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The mini protection pouch is one of a kind and handmade.  It is woven with the intention to protect, soothe and remind you that magic is alive and happening all around you all day and night.

Hold the pouch in your hand close to your heart and make a wish. Place around your neck or your hat hand, in your car, in your house or wherever needed.

These are small, but potent and powerful.  There is magic in small things. 

***Please note, all designs/colors are assorted, let yourself be surprised and delighted with which one comes your way*** 


All pouches come with White Sage inside. White Sage is known for its clearing and protective qualities.

Each pouch comes with a Quartz Crystal point inside. Clear Quarts is known to be one of the most powerful crystals and can be charged up with your individual wishes. The crystals have been bathed in the sun and celestial lights with local spring water.

Infinite Love Designs is committed to sustainability, regenerative habits, local sourcing, wild harvesting, good communication, community, growth, and most of all LOVE. The mini protection pouches came out of a love of art and craft, nature and healing energy.

Brand Info

Kiki Love is an artist and inspired free spirit. From a young age, she was drawn toward creativity and the healing benefits of art as expression. She values Primitive Skills and learning about the natural world and its boundless generosity. Kiki’s company, Infinite Love Designs is a synthesis of all her heart’s callings, combining natural elements with pure passion, devotion and of course, Love.
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