If & When Moroccan Preserved Meyer Lemon Paste (113 g)
If & When Moroccan Preserved Meyer Lemon Paste showing paste
If & When Moroccan Preserved Meyer Lemon Paste showing jar and paste spread onto a loaf of bread

If & When

Moroccan Preserved Meyer Lemon Paste

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Preserved lemon is a tradition of Moroccan cooking, a balance of salt and tart. Spoonable in one step, If & When Preserved Meyer Lemon Paste adds a level of complexity and depth of flavor that lemon and salt alone, cannot.

With five ingredients (no garlic), the Moroccan blend is all-things-to-all-dishes: a rub for raw meat, fish and vegetables; an essential baking ingredient and a cocktail mixer that moonlights as a cheese pairing.


This Moroccan blend accents many a dish (or cocktail) with a lemony flavor laced with peppercorn, Bay leaf, allspice and a hint of cinnamon. It's not sweet or savory, it's something else - your kitchen secret weapon.

- Spread: Toast, sandwiches and wraps.
- Mix: Salad dressings, marinades and cocktails.
- Marinate/Rub: Meats, poultry, fish and vegetables before cooking.


Two-to-three spoonfuls are plenty to marinate and roast a whole chicken.

One spoonful makes a margarita sing.

For a milder flavor, measure with a teaspoon or measure to taste.

The longer the Meyer lemon paste stir on raw meat, fish or vegetables, the stronger the flavor. Use less, make more.

Refrigerate after opening recommended. Shelf stable 2 years. Gluten- and dairy-free. No preservatives. Vegan-friendly.

Ingredients + Benefits

Organic Meyer lemons grown on family farms in California, sea salt, peppercorn, cassia bark, allspice, bay leaf.

Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

If & When sources imperfect, organic Meyer lemons from family-owned farms on California's Central Coast and cure them nearby in sea salt, whole spices and love. That’s it. No water, oil, nothing. A zero-waste product, the entire lemon is cured, seeds and all. That’s If & When. They make If & When within a 25-mile radius of their farmers, curing by hand in small batches and barrel aging for up to 24 months. Meyers have a sweeter, less acidic flavor than Lisbon or Eureka lemons. A thin, aromatic skin makes them perfect for preserving. They lend a complexity of flavor that lemon and salt alone cannot.

Spoonable in one step, If & When is the unleaded oomph in everyday meals. Spread on avocado toast. Rub on meat and fish before grilling, vegetables before roasting. Mix into batter before baking. It's the base for dressings, marinades, soups and cocktails. If & When is at home at butchers, fishmongers and artisan grocers, at the fresh meat and seafood counter, and alongside baking ingredients, cocktail accoutrements and BBQ fixings.
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