Hemlock Betty Premium Cotton Handmade Bandana (1 pc) triangle fold
Hemlock Betty Premium Cotton Handmade Bandana tied around model's neck
Hemlock Betty Premium Cotton Handmade Bandana showing full bandana
Hemlock Betty Premium Cotton Handmade Bandana - square fold

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Betty Premium Cotton Handmade Bandana

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100% premium cotton, handmade and screen printed. Original artwork. This colorful bandana, handkerchief, hair tie, accessory, hankie, scarf, headband- features a modern rustic hand-drawn design. Uses include dogs or pets, a baby or babies, home decor for your wall, framed as a fine art piece, dining cloth napkin or worn as a head wrap. Have it handy in the kitchen or bath! It makes great eco-friendly gift wrap or wrapping paper, wedding decor, party favors, or bridal shower.


A note from Beth (original designer): "I’ve had an obsession with drawing symmetrical flowers for years. Sometimes when I can’t think of anything to paint, I just squeeze out some paint on my palette and start mixing, and then my brush just starts painting symmetrical flowers. I named this one Betty because it reminds me of the pinnacle of 1950s housewife glamour: Betty Draper."

Size: 23" x 23"

Hand Screen Printed from Original hand-drawn art.


Can be washed and dried on high heat, but may fade a bit.

Use for everything!
- bandana
- handkerchief
- bib
- cloth napkin
- neckerchief
- scarf
- hankie
- baby wipe
- face mask
- cloth mask

Ingredients + Benefits

100% Premium Cotton

Brand Info

The spirit of the Hemlock plant mirrors the creator's own, and that of so many women she admires. The new bandana company, hemlock, marries her love of art applied to functional goods, textiles you can touch and feel, and the happy magic of unexpected color combinations.

A good bandana has unending uses from a baby bib to a hair-tamer. Stash one in your purse to be prepared for life's little spills.
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