Heddle & Lamm Zera Open Work Shopper Basket Bag

Heddle & Lamm

Zera Open Work Shopper Basket Bag

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Shopper baskets are handmade in farming villages in the Bolgatanga region of northern Ghana. They are woven from durable elephant grass. Each purchase helps provide the farmers and weavers in the region with a sustainable way of living.

Size: 15" W x 15" T
*Sizes are approximate and will vary from basket to basket


Care: If basket gets out of shape, submerge in warm water, reshape with your hands and let dry before use.

Ingredients + Benefits

Hand made from Elephant Grass.

Brand Info

At Danica, designers draw from their extensive backgrounds in commercial design, and the results are outstanding. Colors are intentional. Patterns flow. Lines have purpose. Designs are refined. This expertise in illustration and packaging design can be seen in everything Danica and Now Designs compose, resulting in unique and professional designs for the retail market.
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