Arabian Nights Hair Ties/Bracelets
Arabian Nights Hair Ties/Bracelets
Arabian Nights Hair Ties/Bracelets


Arabian Nights Hair Ties/Bracelets

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The moon and stars have aligned in this stack and will take you to the ends of the earth (if that's where you're headed!). As the night sky turns a Lapis Lazuli blue, move those Gemtyes from the wrist to your tresses and wave goodbye to your bad hair days.


Lapis Lazuli Gemstone tie, pave crescent moon tie and our braided tie with a black tassel and double star pave charm.

Brand Info

Gemtye is an over-due celebration of form and function that has beautifully bridged the gap between a comfortable hair tie and a unique piece of jewelry.

Creator Lili Geller, who has always had a passion for design and fashion, wanted to solve that all too common situation every woman experiences…“I like to have a hair tie on me at almost every moment, but I'd prefer something much prettier on my wrist!”
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