Funnyfish Smart Magnet Vase Cubes - Mixed (3 pcs)
Funnyfish Smart Magnet Vase Cubes - Mixed showing one in model's hand and 2 others hanging all with plants (not included)
Funnyfish Smart Magnet Vase Cubes - Mixed showing 3 attached to magnetic wall with plants for illustration of use
Funnyfish Smart Magnet Vase Cubes - Mixed shown attached to dark metal wall with plants for example of use


Smart Magnet Vase Cubes - Mixed

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Each piece is a small vase for a flower or other small plant. The cube is made from natural wood, and fits with the clear plastic vase. A magnet is embedded in the wooden cube, so you can put it on any magnetic surface like a fridge door.

Set of 3. Two light and one dark wood.


- A small piece of nature in this small vase will brighten up any space. It can also function perfectly as a diffuser by putting aroma oil and sticks inside the plastic tube.

- This little vase is good for a small flower or two
- Brings a piece of nature into your place
- Magnet embedded, can be attached on a fridge or any metallic surface
- Good as a gift for colleagues in the office, or friends at school
- Patent registration.

Ingredients + Benefits

Wood, Magnet, Plastic Tube

Brand Info

FUNNYFISH is a design company committed to creating functional and ingenious products. They enjoy the creative problem-solving process incorporating new technology that leads to future-friendly design. As the company is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, ideas are developed and realized by producing prototypes on site. Funnyfish strives for wasteless and eco-friendly production. Through domestic and international partnerships, they make durable and sustainable products for global markets.
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