From Mila Corfu Bandana flat
From Mila Corfu Bandana tied for neck wear
From Mila Corfu Bandana worn as a scarf on neck of model

From Mila

Corfu Bandana

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Corfu is an update on From Mila's bestselling Lagos from last year, and bound to be a fave due to its intricate design, particularly in the border. Cotton bandanas are perfect for anyone who wants a quick accessory to tie around their neck, or styled in their hair. Makes a great gift!


Size: 22" x 22"

Color: Multicolor
Made in small batches.

Ingredients + Benefits

100% Cotton

Brand Info

From Mila is a fashion family business. They design and create one-of-a-kind pieces that are hand block printed with hand carved wooden blocks. Their boho designs stand out among the rest because of the art and passion that goes into each stamp.

It all starts at home, in Orange County. As the family draws inspiration from places traveled and the places yet to visit, they come up with prints and colors that exude the emotions and feelings they have for places around the world. Once these ideas are put on paper, they travel to India and work with artists who convert these designs into hand-carved wooden blocks that will be used to print.

The art of hand block printing has existed in India for generations, and is what makes these prints and hues shine in ways that they couldn't if printed by machine. Each piece is uniquely created by hand and entirely one of a kind.
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