Facial Polish

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Nothing gets our skin in better shape than exfoliating botanical polishes -- power-packed with healing plants (Green Tea, Lavender, and more) & earth clays (French and Italian clays and the amazing micronized Rhassoul Clay from Morocco).

So super kind to the skin!

These finely ground organic cleansing grains may also be used as a masque when combined with the liquid of your choice {see suggestions for your skin type below} – anything from a floral toner to fresh yogurt will give you a spa treatment in your own home and your skin will thank you for it!

French Girl’s botanical cleansing grains are very gentle and a world away from harsh commercial scrubs with sharp bits of apricot or nut meal that can damage facial tissue and over-clean your skin with their soap based formulas.

Since this scrub is in dry form French Girl has skipped the preservatives (even the safer, natural ones) to bring you a product that is 100% organic and preservative-free.

It just takes a minute to stir up and you are on your way to healthier looking skin!
Place a dime-sized mound of powder in palm of hand, add small amount of water or even floral toner.
Massage into facial and neck in circular motions, moving gently to avoid irritation and letting the grains do the work.

For the times when you feel your skin could use an extra boost of circulation, let dry on face for about 5 minutes if you have oily/normal/combination skin; about 2 minutes for those with dry/mature/sensitive skin (Moroccan Rhassoul Clay is very detoxifying and can over-dry skin if let on too long; please work with your own skin to adjust amount of time).

Rinse face with tepid water.

Masque Additives by Skin Type:
Dry or Mature:
~ Honey or Agave
~ Rosewater
~ Coconut, Dairy , or Nut Milk (goat milk & almond milk are especially nice)
~ Aloe Vera Gel
~ Organic Yogurt

Oily or Problem
~ Aloe Vera Gel
~ Green or White Brewed Tea

Normal or Combination: ~ Any of the above.
activated charcoal, organic lavender, organic rose petals, organic chamomile, organic black rice, french and italian clays, moroccan rhassoul micronized clay, aloe powder, white clay, organic green tea, blend of organic flower oils, organic lemon verbena, organic love and healing energy.

100% Organic or Wild-Crafted Ingredients
100% Vegan Friendly
100% Plant Ingredients
Tested on French Girls, never on animals!

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.
French Girl is a family business committed to bringing you the most sustainable, organic, luxury skincare products possible.

All French Girl Organics products are made with 80-100% Certified Organic / Wildcrafted Ingredients. Everything is hand-poured in small batches and tested on French Girls,

Never on Animals.