Frama From Soil To Form - St. Pauls (box of soil balls and fragrance oil bottle)
Frama From Soil To Form - St. Pauls (1 set) showing dropper
Frama From Soil To Form - St. Pauls - showing Korean soil balls in pinewood box


From Soil To Form - St. Pauls

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From Soil to Form is a natural room diffuser made out of Korean soil and wood. The diffuser consists of a pinewood box that holds nine red soil spheres which upon oil fragrances are to be dropped.

The red soil has natural features that gently emits the applied fragrance, as well as helping to balance the humidity of a room. It may be used indefinitely to disperse the carefully crafted Apothecary scents. 


Lemongrass, Bergamot, Coriander, Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Mysore Sandalwood, Vetiver,Cedarwood, Olibanum

From Soil to Form is created in collaboration with the creative branding Studio; Be My Guest, based in Seoul.

- Scent diffusing.
- Humidity controlling
- The soil spheres are rolled by hand in Korea


Use scent dropper to dispense the desired amount of fragrance oil onto the soil spheres.

Refresh as needed.

Ingredients + Benefits

Korean soil balls, pinewood box.

Brand Info

The St. Pauls Apothecary Collection is a line of skin care and scent products by Frama, an independent Danish creative studio.

Introduced in 2016, the Apothecary Collection is inspired by St. Pauls Apotek - a historic, wood lined pharmacy in central Copenhagen first established in 1878. Located in the iconic neighborhood of Nyboder, the St. Pauls Apotek is now home to Frama’s creative studio space, a modern design laboratory for testing materials, ingredients, and ideas. Frama defines their work as a dialogue between opposites, a linking of the classical and the contemporary, a conversation between digital and analogue, a nod to the past and a reflection of this present day synergy.
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