White Ginger Lily Attar Perfume Roll-On

White Ginger Lily Attar Perfume Roll-On

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Organic; India

This complex botanical perfume is a Floracopeia favorite. Roll it on and immerse yourself in its exotic floral fragrance.
This organic botanical perfume is, without a doubt, one of the Floracopeia favorites. The white ginger lily's exotic floral scent is grounded by the earthy vetiver. This balance makes it beloved by men and women alike. The scent has been described as "bringing together the spheres of Earth and Sky."

Wearing the White Ginger Lily attar surrounds you in a subtle fragrance that is attractive and pleasing to the senses. It cools and calms the mind and elevates the mood. It is a wonderful perfume to use with your partner before lovemaking to support a sensual mood. Use for vitality, radiance, and a sense of heightened life force.

Unlike synthetic perfumes which sit on the skin and mask your scent, Floracopeia botanical perfumes and attars enhance one's own natural fragrance. They are food for your body, going into your skin where they are digested and become part of your body's fragrant aura. This gracious attar is produced using no heat.
Swipe over pulse points as desired. The base of vetiver gives the subtle floral notes longevity. Use this attar as you would any perfume. A drop on the neck, temples, third-eye or heart center are all lovely spots to wear this attar. This perfume is exquisite enough for your finest evening out and subtle enough for your everyday work routine.

Pregnant women, Nursing mothers and children should not use this product without first consulting a licensed healthcare practitioner.
Floracopeia’s botanical perfumes are made with organic jojoba oil and essential oils or absolutes, never synthetics or fillers.
Floracopeia believes in grassroots health care, and that everyone should know how to use pure essential oils and herbs safely to support their health. They believe that botanical treasures like essential oils and flower essences can have a significant positive influence on our mental, physical, and spiritual health, and on the economic health of small communities throughout the world.

Floracopeia was established to provide the highest quality botanical treasures and health education, support ecological agriculture, and promote traditional plant-based knowledge.