Fable England Enamel Horse Brooch
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Enamel Horse Brooch

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Size 1 pc
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Horses are among the most beloved animals, and this handpainted Fable Farm Horse brooch will bring undeniable charm and character to your day!

Measures approx: 40mm x 36mm

- Hand-painted enamel.
- Hand-carved detailing.
- Gold-plated.
- Comes in a gift box with cotton pouch.

There are many ways to wear a brooch: to fasten a scarf, on a lapel, jazz up a simple jumper or add to a collar for a modern twist on a classic piece!
Inspired by the heritage of storytelling and vintage charms, Fable celebrates their glorious British countryside, all the wondrous creatures and delicate flowers that thrive within. Collect your favorites, share them with loved ones, and create your own story. Delicately handpainted enamel jewelry in keepsake boxes, 'it' bags, silk-like scarves and coordinating cosmetic bags - every one has a story.