Elements of Aura Rose Quartz Hearts
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Elements of Aura

Rose Quartz Heart

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With a gentle vibration, this stone calms anxiety, releases fears, and reminds us to be gentle with ourselves. It nurtures a deep sense of compassion inwardly and outwardly, resulting in genuine and powerful love for oneself and others.

Measures approx: 1" x 1.25"


Crystals naturally vary in size, shape and color.


The heart shaped Rose Quartz increases loving energy in addition to the properties it already holds. Place a heart as the center of a crystal grid to add loving energy with your intention!

Brand Info

ELEMENTS OF AURA is a wellness brand, specializing in Sacred Science and modernizing Ancient Energy Tools. They deliver soul-expanding ritual tools accessible for every growth-seeker, with the aim to educate, awaken and empower the creator in each of us. They work exclusively with ethically sourced elements and donate to resources supporting women's causes, clean waters and communities close to their hearts.
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