Eid Creations 3D Moon and Star Set (2 pcs)
Eid Creations 3D Moon and Star Set shown with extra stars (not included) over a party table

Eid Creations

3D Moon and Star Set

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Crescent Moon and Star are made with gold glitter on both sides. Hang from anywhere or attach to walls, front door, or windows. Gold along creases for the 3D effect.

Moon measures approx 15" and Star measures approx 6"


Dress up your location for any of these events: Bridal Shower, Glamour party, Birthday, Ramadan, Romantic evening.

Brand Info

“Gatherings around the table have their mystique way of bringing people from all walks of life together. From deepening relationships to promoting an exchange of ideas to even cementing business dealings; everything happens around the table. That is why creating the perfect table setting has always been an obsession of mine. The perfect table setting can create an atmosphere for the most intimate of experiences.”

--Rana Bacaloni, Artist
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