Diptyque Car Diffuser Set (5 pcs - Diffuser + 4 Refills) with box
Diptyque Car Diffuser Set - Diffuser with box
Diptyque Car Diffuser Set - 4 Refills


Car Diffuser Set

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A clever object, the Diptyque car diffuser uses an innovative system of cold diffusion. Just attach it to the ventilation grill to spread the notes of the scented cartridges. Through the movements of its metal grill, it is possible to adjust the strength of the fragrance.

Car Diffuser
4 Scented Cartridges


The perfect gift to diffuse your car for up to 1 year. In this box, the car diffuser is accompanied by four iconic scented cartridges: Baies, Roses, 34 and new Tuberose scent.


Cartridges can be stored for up to three months after opening, provided that the bag is closed again after use. Lifetime of a cartridge: 40 hours continuously, i.e. up to 80 broadcast cycles (a cycle corresponding to 1 hour alternating 10 min broadcast and 10 min pause).
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