Aroma Nutrition Satin Softening Dry Oil

Aroma Nutrition Satin Softening Dry Oil

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Ideal for all skin types to dry skin. Nourishes, softens and beautifies skin and hair. Skin is soft and supple while the hair is shiny and ready for styling. The dry oil formula easily penetrates without feeling greasy. Delicately scented with a subtle, yet feminine fragrance and floral, citrus and gourmet notes.
The formula is delicately scented with a subtle, yet feminine fragrance and floral, citrus and gourmet notes.
Once or twice a day: Body: For 5 seconds, press with your thumbs on your breastbone, the center of the body’s energies. Gently let go. Apply the product all over the body using smoothing movements starting with the stomach, décolleté, arms, and then lastly the legs. Face: Apply using smoothing movements, starting with the lower neckline moving up to the forehead. Hair: Apply to damp towel-dried hair and/or dry ends after styling.
Frankincense Essential Oil – STAR INGREDIENT, Rose Essential Oil, Sweet Almond Plant Oil, Japanese Camellia Plant Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Coconut oil & Palm Plant Oil, Musk Rose Plant Oil, Avocado.

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.
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