Le Salon en Hiver Candle

David Mallett

Le Salon en Hiver Candle

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Top notes of zesty bergamot, lemon and aromatic cinnamon unfold, while hints of rose and Egyptian geranium reveal echoes of summer in the heart note. The base note is dominated by woody vetiver and tobacco.


Outside, it’s cold and grey. Inside David Mallett’s salon, however, a warm, cozy atmosphere reigns. Expressing this as a fragrance was the idea behind Le Salon en Hiver.

A candle that bestows an ambiance of well-being on cold winter days. David Mallett took his inspiration from a visit to the Caucasus one Christmas holiday. The smell of old wood, a crackling fire and the sacred atmosphere within the ancient walls of the third-century monastery where he stayed. The magic of this ambiance finds its translation in the fragrance of Le Salon en Hiver.

Ingredients + Benefits

Le Salon en Hiver is handcrafted by the oldest candle manufacturer in France using only the finest vegetable wax. Burning time: approx. 40 hours

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

The vibrant Australian sunshine combined with the culture and worldliness of Europe has influenced David Mallett and his unmistakable style. Cultivating years of experience as a freelance hairstylist for international fashion magazines and top photographers, he is known for his signature classic bouncy hair look, along with his highly acclaimed Parisian salon at 14 rue Notre Dame des Victoires.

Bouncy hair is the perfect balance of shine, volume, and exuberance. To achieve it, David has developed a range of specially designed haircare and styling products. These highly concentrated formulas are completely free of superfluous substances, don't weight the hair down, or damage its delicate structure.
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