Uplifting Serum Eyelids Definition

Uplifting Serum Eyelids Definition

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Provides lift and a firm, smooth eye area.
A toning and eye-enhancing serum for more vibrant-looking eyes. Every drop delivers powerful anti-wrinkle and firming action to instantly tighten the skin around the eyes. Considered an eye-architect, it helps reshape eyelids by opening the eyes from every angle as it renews, tightens and protects skin supports fibers while providing a more alert, smoothed and flawless eye contour.
The Result:
- Firmer eye contour.
- Reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles.
- Lifted and tightened, smoother-looking eye contour.
- 100% natural scent suitable for the delicate eye area.
AM & PM. Apply the eye serum with your ring finger to the inner corner below the eyes. Spread the serum from the inner to the outer corner by tapping gently around the eye. Repeat application below the arch of the eye brows. Apply your appropriate eye cream after the serum.
Key Ingredients:
SMART FIRMING SYSTEM™ (Palmitoyl Tripeptide, Soy Proteins and Menyanthes Trifoliata) A technology that transfers; information to fibroblast to rekindle the production and assembling of youth proteins. Also includes Everlasting essential oil, Wheat and Sweet Almond extracts.

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.
"A professional botanical Parisian skincare line based on a harmonious blend of plants and pure essential oils." — Pierre Darphin, 1960

Darphin is the Parisian skincare brand that treats discerning women to the pleasure of our perfect performance. Darphin fuses the finest botanical ingredients, innovative technologies, professional expertise and specialized, sensory techniques. The more you experience their skincare, the more you will appreciate its unique sensuality and exquisite results - the healthy-looking luster it gives your complexion and the awakening of your senses through our artful formulation.