Danica Studio Wild Tale Pencil Cosmetic Bag

Danica Studio

Wild Tale Pencil Cosmetic Bag

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Made from 100% linen and with a vegan leather lining, this pencil cosmetic bag is perfect for storing your drawing tools, small accessories and other little treasures. Enchanting birds and foliage are arranged in harmonious symmetry with golden metallic highlights and peach accents. A pastel peach tassel adds a textured detail.


Measures: W 7" x H 3"

Made in Sweden.

Ingredients + Benefits

100% linen w/ a vegan leather lining

Brand Info

At Danica, designers draw from their extensive backgrounds in commercial design, and the results are outstanding. Colors are intentional. Patterns flow. Lines have purpose. Designs are refined. This expertise in illustration and packaging design can be seen in everything Danica and Now Designs compose, resulting in unique and professional designs for the retail market.
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