DAIYO Rice Wax Candles – Earth Colors (10 pcs)
DAIYO Rice Wax Candles – Earth Colors showing 10 different colored earth colored candles


Rice Wax Candles – Earth Colors

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These fun, tiny candles are made of natural rice wax.  They are dipped in colorful dyes to make them look fun to the eyes.

Comes in Earth Colors. Includes 10 candles measuring approx 1.77" High x 0.4" Diameter.


As it burns for 15 min., you may want to use it for your daily meditation or as a timer for taking short breaks.

Made in Japan

Ingredients + Benefits

Rice Bran Wax

Brand Info

DAIYO, with a hundred years of history, is committed to making genuine Japanese candles with 100% vegetable wax. This point is very important and is the identity of the genuine Japanese candles that DAIYO is proud of making.
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