CLAP Paris So French Clap (1 pc)
CLAP Paris So French Clap showing back of clap
CLAP Paris So French Clap showing on a pouch
CLAP Paris So French Clap showing 2 claps on a pair of shoes

CLAP Paris

So French Clap

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The croissant clap that makes your mouth water.

Let's take the French art of living around the world with our magnificent golden clap croissant!

*Measures approx.: 1.57"


A coffee and a croissant please!
This sentence is the morning's little pleasure, when we linger at the table of the café downstairs. Even more delicious when a ray of sunshine lights up this perfect moment.

So French you said? YES! And so that the pleasure of a coffee croissant lasts all day, why not slap So French directly on your jacket, bag, shoes...?

Who hasn't experienced a feeling of infinite sadness when opening their dressing room in the morning?
"I have nothing to wear"

The idea is that with a simple accessory, you can give life and colour to all your outfits that you think you know by heart.

Clap Paris puts an end to uniformity!

For example, those clothes you love so much but are showing the signs of age? Give them a second life by clapping them!

Going out tonight, but only have that one pair of shoes you've already worn 1,000 times? A pair of rhinestone claps and you're ready to shine.

Love this dress but the color is a bit dull? Put a clap on it to wake it up!


Simply open the clip, which is firmly attached to the back of the clap, and clip it onto the material you want: the fabric of a shirt, the leather of a belt, the canvas of a pair of shoes etc.

Ingredients + Benefits

All claps are made of zamac, an alloy of minerals that does not oxidise, is water resistant and does not move over time.

The clip is nickel-free and hypo-allergenic.

Brand Info

Clap Paris was created to combat the monotony of everyday life.

Their claps are jewels that can be clipped everywhere (jacket collar, shoes, belt, hat...). It's the little original and offbeat touch that makes all the difference.

From 7 to 77 years old, Clap Paris dresses everyone, and allows all the forgotten items in the wardrobe to shine again.
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