Christophe Robin Cleansing Thickening Paste Shampoo for Men (250 ml)

Christophe Robin

Cleansing Thickening Paste

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A unique composition of 95% natural-origin ingredients for hair that is visibly thicker and stronger with every use.

The cleansing thickening paste has a high concentration of pure rassoul clay, a mineral clay found in Morocco. It is known to absorb impurities just like blotting paper and rebalance the scalp. 

Saturated with mineral salts (magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium and potassium) these essential elements also help maintain the vitality of the hair follicle.


The rassoul clay is combined with a micro-algae from Tahiti, Christophe Robin’s favorite island, for a dual balancing and strengthening action.

Specifically selected for its extraordinary concentration of vitamins and nutrients as well as its high energy content, Tahitian micro-algae prevents thinning, hair loss and stimulates growth.

It is cultivated responsibly and collected sparingly from a natural reserve, then an ultra-powerful molecule is extracted from the micro-algae and incorporated into this innovative formula.

"Hair is to men what wrinkles are to women, a major source of worry. I’ve designed a treatment to get right to the source of the issue and correct the specific problems of men’s hair from the root."
--Christophe Robin

Discover Christophe's innovative clay-to-foam thickening shampoo, specifically developed for men.


Apply a small amount onto wet hair. This shampoo paste transforms into a foam immediately when in contact with water.
Gently massage into the scalp, focusing on your roots. Rinse thoroughly.
Avoid contact with eyes.

Ingredients + Benefits

Sucrose, Moroccan Lava Clay, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Aqua/Water, Butylene Glycol, Cocamide MEA, PEG-100 Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate, Hydrated Silica, Glyceryl Caprylate/Caprate, Plankton Extract, Parfum (Fragrance), PEG-2 Dimeadowfoamamdoethylmonium Methosulfate, Pentylene Glycol, Hexylene Glycol, Phenoethanol, Linalool, Limonene, Coumarin, Benzyl Benzoate.

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

"I am fascinated by women's natural beauty and the techniques used to enhance it. Showing off their skin tone, eyes and complexion without letting color dominate, ever... I want people to say a woman is beautiful and not that she has a beautiful hair color. Every woman must be welcomed in the same way: I analyze their faces and the nature of their hair so I can work with pigments, light and contrasts to find them the most natural-looking color. Over the years, I have tried to develop my product range for colored hair, based on the properties of rare or ancestral natural resources (prickly pear oil, lavender, chamomile and lemon) to offer deep nourishing treatments for hair that also maintain vibrant color. Some of my products can now be used for skin as well as for the hair, for both men and women." - Christophe Robin
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