Kimono Face Paper Case for Blotting Tissues

Kimono Face Paper Case for Blotting Tissues

SKU: 10302

A special plastic and fabric case to hold your Blotting Tissues (sold separately), and keep them protected in your purse or bag.
Holds your packets of facial blotting papers. Chidoriya's original oil blotting Japanese face paper could actually be used for beating gold leaf. After being beaten many times by machine for maximum activation of fibers, the paper is improved to ensure a smooth touch on the skin and efficient absorption.
Chidoriya was established in 1949 in Kyoto, Japan. In its first years, Chidoriya focused on making original beauty goods and bags for Maiko dancing girls and Geisha. Geisha and Maiko girls of that generation were fashion and beauty trendsetters in Kyoto. Over the past fifty years, Chidoriya has built a reputation for excellent products established a unique clientele of fashion and beauty professionals.